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Life Science Leadership Series: New Approaches to Diagnosis and Therapy in Dementia

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Erl Wood Manor, Sunninghill Road, Windlesham. GU20 6PH
22 March 2016

With a significant prevalence (47.5 million worldwide) and a major social and economic impact (estimated at US$818 billion in 2015 - 1.09% of the global GDP), dementia is indubitably one of the major healthcare challenges of the 21st century.  
After few years of disappointing R&D programmes, the sector is clearly regaining vitality in strengthening understanding of disease pathway but also in exploring new therapeutic options in the immunotherapy or neuro inflammation sphere.  
It is shown especially in the UK with the rise of drug discovery initiatives such as the Dementia consortium or funding opportunity like the new Dementia Discovery Fund.
This Life Science Leadership Series will gather a mix of academic and industry speakers to discuss current and new approaches to diagnosis, drug development and therapy in Dementia. It is aimed to anybody with an interest in Dementia whether they have technologies that could apply to the area or just want to know what are the development trends and network with the right people. 

Registration for this event will close at 5pm on Friday 18 March. 

Due to security reasons, we will need to know how you are arriving to the meeting.  Once you have registered for this event, you will be emailed asking for this information and this needs to be supplied to us by Friday 11 March.  As there is limited parking on site (due to building works) we urge you to travel by train.  This is the easiest way to reach to the venue and trains run every 15 minutes. 

There will be an organised shuttle bus from Ascot Station to the Lilly. The shuttle will leave just after the 9.30am train arrives from London to allow delegates to arrive on either train.


10.00 - Registration and Networking

10.30 - Welcome from One Nucleus

10.40 – Disentangling the Interaction Between Amyloid and Tau:  Where are we now?
Mike Hutton, CSO, Neuroscience, Eli Lilly

11.05 - Simon Ridley, Director of Research, ARUK
To view the presentation, click here.

11.30 - Accelerating Drug Discovery panel
The Alzheimer’s Research UK Drug Discovery Alliance
John Skidmore, CSO, Cambridge Drug Discovery Institute
John Davis, CSO, Oxford Drug Discovery Institute

Dementia Consortium
To view the presentation, click here.

Catherine Kettleborough, MRCT

Dementia Fund
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Carol Routledge, SV Life Sciences
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12.30 - Lunch

13.45 - Progresses in Diagnosis and Innovative Therapeutic Approaches 
Introduction from the Chair 

13.50 - Early Data Generation to Accelerate Drug Development in Dementia
Prof Simon Lovestone, University of Oxford
To view the presentation, click here.

14.10 - Blood Based Immunoassay for Pre-dementia Diagnosis of Alzheimer´s disease. A New Tool for Successful Clinical Trials 
Erik Christensen, Prediagnostics
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14.30 - Companion Diagnostics and Patient Segmentation in the Early Identification of Alzheimer's Dementia
Charlotte Housden, Cambridge Cognition

14.50 - Latest Developments in PET Imaging for Neurodegeneration
Ilan Rabiner, Imanova

15.10 - Coffee break

15.40 - Patient Stratification in Dementia, Implications for Clinical Development, Clinical Practice and the Cost of Care
Robin Wolz, Ixico

- Immunology of Tau Vaccine: The Lesson from the Phase I Clinical Trial
Norbert Zilka, AXON Neuroscience

16.20 -Targeting Neuroinflammation in AD
Diego Gomez-Nicola, University of Southampton
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16.40 - Closing Remarks 
One Nucleus / Eli Lilly

16.45 - Drinks and Networking 

- Close


Gold members and academic rate - £75 
Silver members – £175 
Non-members - £275

Title: Life Science Leadership Series: New Approaches to Diagnosis and Therapy in Dementia
Start: 2016-03-22 09:00:00Z
End: 2016-03-22 18:30:00Z