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BioWednesday London: Immuno-Oncology Investment Forum

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QMB Innovation Centre, 5 Walden Street, London. E1 2EF
05 October 2016
Immuno-Oncology (IO) has been one of, if not the, hottest area in biopharma over recent years. High profile financings, approvals and challenges have emerged and competition for new innovative programmes is fierce. To complement the array of ‘pony show’ pitching opportunities, this forum will hear experts discuss where drug development in the IO field is moving, which technologies will impact it’s direction of travel and which are the bets placed sources of finance.


14.00 Registration and refreshments

14.30 Welcome 

14.40 – Current and Future Needs of a Medical Oncologist: Is Immunotherapy the answer?
Professor Frances Balkwill OBE, Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London
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15.00 - Maximising the impact of advances in the science of immuno-oncology
Laurent Audoly, Head of R&D and Managing Partner Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation 
15.20 – Trends in Immuno-Oncology Dug Development
Dr Rob Berg, Senior Medical Director, Clinical Development, Oncology, INC Research
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15.40 – Tea/Coffee Break
16.05Panel Discussion – Who are the right investors for an new IO project?
Pharma appear to be funding any IO project considered to have potential and collaborating direct with the Academic science base in order to take an early position on innovative new strategies. In light of this, what role do technology transfer funds and venture investors play in the IO field.

Eva Haas
, Hume Brophy

Laurent Audoly
, Pierre Fabre
Mike Westby, Centauri Therapeutics
Julian Hirst, Immunocore
Emilie Braun, Sanofi

17.05 – Tea/Coffee Break 
17.30  - Panel Discussion – What makes a valid starting point for a new programme?
The ability to reproduce early stage research findings and provide sufficient validation of a new target or NME class to reduce risk and attract investment is a significant challenge for inventors and innovators. Whether grant, R&D collaboration funding or venture finance those investing in an early stage project face accountability for their choice of project also. What are such investors looking for in next-generation IO projects?
Robin Knight
, IN-Part

Michelle Morrow, MedImmune
Oliver Garden, Royal Veterinary College
Dr Rob Berg, INC Research

18.30 – Closing Remarks
Tony Jones, Director of Business Development, One Nucleus
18.35 – Networking over drinks and canapes
19.30 – Close 


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Non-member - £50 + VAT
Academics and students - contact
Title: BioWednesday London: Immuno-Oncology Investment Forum
Start: 2016-10-05 14:00:00Z
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