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M11 Health Enterprise Forum

17:30 - 20:00

Harlow Council, Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex CM20 1WG
22 June 2016
“The Smoke and Mirrors Of Risk Assessment”


Risk, and how it is perceived, is key to worlds of public health, new interventions, medicines and medical devices, as well as investment. 

In public health, assessment and mitigation of risk is a core function of Public Health England, the soon to be Harlow-based organisation we look to for information when there is danger of an infectious disease pandemic, such as in 2014-15 with ebola or when new products emerge in everyday life such e-cigarettes. Much of the guidance from healthcare professionals and Government will be based on such evidence.

Assessing the risk:benefit ratio of new interventions, medicines and medical devices has always been a focus for innovation-driven companies. For example, the ultimate goal of creating an absolutely safe pharmacologically active medicine is slim, given there may always be individuals who have allergies or aberrant physiology that means a drug cannot be processed as it is by the mass population. The degree of regulation being placed on those developing new interventions, medicines or devices is ultimately related to the perceived risk of the product and process compared to the potential gain.

The speakers at this event will reflect on their considerable personal experience on how the perception and analysis of risk often varies between key stakeholders: Government, healthcare professionals, regulators, users, general public, NGOs and investors.

For instance, the WHO has currently declared Zika as a public health emergency and is monitoring the alarming rise of Yellow Fever in and out of Africa. Why have modified mosquito vectors to combat these and other diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya, including Oxitec's transgenic mosquitoes, generated excitement and controversy in equal measure? Similarly, when regulatory barriers to new drug development appear to keep rising and new environmental factors emerge, how are developers, healthcare professionals and regulators convinced of sufficient safety to patients and public?  


17.30 - Networking over tea/coffee 

18.00 - Introduction from the Chair

Tony Jones, One Nucleus

18.10 - Friendly or Franken mosquitoes? – perceptions and risk analysis of modified mosquito vectors to combat chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever and zika
S S Vasan, Public Heath England

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18.35 - Safe enough?: Assessing potential toxicological effects of new chemical entities 
Desmond Cave, BioReliance 

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19.00 - Open Discussion
Facilitated by the Chair

19.25 - Closing Remarks

19.30 - Networking over refreshments

20.00 - Close 
Title: M11 Health Enterprise Forum
Start: 2016-06-22 17:30:00Z
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