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Leadership Seminar – Expanding the Druggable Space

10:00 – 19:00

31 October 2018

In Partnership with Lilly

With the increasing limitations of current therapeutics and new healthcare challenges, the need for more innovation is higher than ever, looking at pushing the boundaries of the druggable space. 

There is currently only 10% of druggable genome targeted by FDA approved drugs with 75% of protein research still focusing on these well-known targets. This implies that there is a potential to increase tenfold the therapeutics options on the market. Not even mentioning the rise of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Synthetic Biology that can support truly disruptive innovations to be delivered to patients. 

This event will review the potential for innovations in the field of gene and cell therapy, oligonucleotides therapeutics and post transcriptional approaches together with discussing the challenges on the way to their adoption in healthcare delivery. 


10.00 - Delegates Registration

10.30 - Welcome from the Hosts

10.40 - Keynote Presentations – Setting the Scene for Druggable Space Expansion

11.40 - Gene and Cell Therapy Approaches 

12.30 - Lunch 

13.30 - Oligonucleotides Approaches

14.45 - Post Transcriptional Approaches 

16.00 - Coffee Break

16.30 - Panel Discussion ‘Applying an Expanded Druggable Space in Healthcare Delivery’

This panel will review the questions raised by these exciting technologies in terms of IP, regulation, market access and how to best approach them in order to get them adopted in healthcare delivery 

17.30 - Closing Remarks

17.40 - Drinks

19.00 - End 

Gold Members: £75 + VAT

Silver Members: £175 + VAT

Non-Members: £275 + VAT

Academics with Discount Code: £75 + VAT (To obtain the discount code please email;

Title: Leadership Seminar – Expanding the Druggable Space
Start: 2018-10-31 10:00:00Z
End: 2018-10-31 19:00:00Z