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2017 CRACK IT Challenges Announced

03 August 2017

The 2017 CRACK IT Challenges competition consists of three Challenges identified jointly by the NC3Rs and Sponsors. This year the competition is funded by the NC3Rs with in-kind contribution from the Sponsors. There are three Sponsors (Shell, Syngenta and Unilever).

The Challenges: 

Challenge 26: “DARTpaths”: Mapping developmental and reproductive toxicity (DART) genes and pathways for cross-species comparison of toxic compound effects (Two Phase Challenge Sponsored by Shell and Syngenta).

Challenge 27: “DoCE (Dosing for Controlled Exposure)”: Dosing strategies for in vitro dose-responses with increased relevance for in vivo extrapolation. (Two Phase Challenge Sponsored by Unilever and Shell).

Challenge 28:
“RespiraTox”: In silico model for predicting human respiratory irritation. (Single Phase Challenge Sponsored by Shell).

Full details of the Challenges and Sponsors can be found here

We are hosting an event to launch the competition in central London on 7 September 2017, providing invaluable access to potential new partners and to the Challenge Sponsors. Networking at the event is intended to stimulate discussion between applicants and Sponsors to help put together a winning application. 

The launch event is free to attend but registration is essential. Register via the CRACK IT website before 1 September 2017 here.